Breathing a little more life into the stories I have come to love. . . .


In 1986, Russell Mulcahy brought to the screen a roller-coaster ride of a movie entitled Highlander. Part fantasy, part rock-n-roll music video, Highlander was a hodge-podge assembly of visually stunning shots interspersed with campy dialogue that told the story of Connor Macleod, one of a race of Immortals fighting through the Gathering to gain the coveted Prize. While a box-office failure upon its release, the film has become a cult favourite, spawning several sequels (of questionable worth, save perhaps for Highlander III), and two television spin-offs.

Over the years there have been several rumours of a reboot of the franchise and a remake of the original film. To date, though, nothing has come to fruition.

This, then, is my homage to the Highlander mythos, and the tale I would like to see brought to the big screen to breathe new life into the Highlander saga!

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The Order: 1887

The Order: 1886 was a ground-breaking entry into the world of video gaming. Boasting cinema-quality graphics and a story line that was at once captivatingly unique and strangely familiar, The Order: 1886 was meant to be a tent-pole for a new series of games for the PlayStation 4 console.

Unfortunately, reception of the game was severely mixed, with polarized views on game play, content, and overall quality. While a small cadre of enthusiasts scream for a sequel and a continuation to the vastness of the story that was only hinted at in the game, the license-holder to this title appears to have made the decision not to proceed with any additional entries into The Order universe.

Enter the realm of fan fiction. This tale, entitled The Order: 1887, picks up where the game ended, and introduces not only new characters and new locations, but new possibilities as well. It is my hope that I can do justice the world created by Ready At Dawn Studios, and continue the legacy only hinted at in the original game.

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Joss Whedon's Firefly appeared on television screens in 2005, and from the outset it was a one-of-a-kind thrill ride! Part spaghetti western, part space opera, Firefly achieved in its aborted one-season run what every television series strives for -- a feverishly devoted fan base that has kept Serenity flying years after FOX pulled the plug on our Big Damn Heroes.

     The stories found here are intended to be a direct continuation of the events portrayed in the motion picture Serenity, which was itself a condensed version of what would have been Season 2 of the series.

    If you are a true Brown Coat, or if you are newly coming to the Firefly 'verse, these stories just might keep you up at night wondering what might have been. . . .

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Stephen King's Gunslingers

For any real fan of Stephen King's writing, horror is the foundation of his work. But there is another format that the Master has graced us with, one which has drawn as much interest as any one of his scary tales.

The Dark Tower is a massive undertaking that rivals JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings saga in its scope and its narrative. Having consumed King's work, I felt compelled to add my own voice to that saga. Demons of the Brie has been well received by many readers. Perhaps you might find something to like inside that tale as well.

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