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It is an engineering marvel, a structural icon, and one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. When completed in 1937, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world. To this day, it is the quintessential image of the City of San Francisco.

But the Golden Gate Bridge holds another record, a darker point that has marred its history. Since its completion, the Bridge has become the most popular point on Earth for people to journey to in order to commit suicide.

In the wake of her own fiance's decision to make the life-ending jump from the Bridge to the unforgiving waters that flow beneath its span, Meaghan Cross has traveled across the continent in search of answers to the reasons for her partner's action. What she discovers will change her life forever, and shed some light upon the mystique of the Golden Gate Bridge, and its lure as the place where so many have come to find closure in their lives.

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Beyond the Last Light on Earth

At the end of the world stands a lonely light. It is a beacon for weary travelers; a pillar of illumination that marks the place where sea meets land.

Robert Gordon has come to this windswept place as the new Keeper of the Light. It is the solitude which has drawn him to this place where the nearest human contact is miles away. Here there is nothing but the ocean and the sky.

Until the fateful moment that the reality of the world appears on the horizon.

From that moment onward, Robert Gordon's life will be forever changed, and the place he has come to will never be the same again.

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The Night Guard

Enter a world where frighteners live in the shadows; a place where creepers hide under beds and monsters lurk in closets, waiting to steal the souls of sleeping children.  This is the world of the Night Guard.

Randolf is a small stuffed bear gifted to a lonely little girl who finds herself confined to her bedroom. When the sun goes down and the darkness of night has fallen, when the Shadow People emerge from the corners, it is Randolf's duty to watch over his owner and keep her safe.

Can one little bear stand against the terrors that fill her dreams?

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The Great Exhibition. A showcase of amusement and entertainment that fills the land along the lake shore for a few brief weeks each year. There are carnival attractions, exotic foods and wares to be purchased, and even a midway! What better way to bid a final farewell to Summer?

This year's Exhibition includes a selection of exciting Vaudevillian acts, none as alluring as the Pyromancer -- a young man who is able to command the element of fire.  Visitors are impulsively drawn to his display, and to the dark stranger himself, including one young girl who captures his attention above all others.  She is as ordinary and plain as he is handsome and mysterious.

Together, each might save the other before Fate intervenes and claims them both.

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Grave Roberts

Cemeteries are meant to be gardens of peace, a place where we go when our lives are over and our spirits are put to rest.  But what happens when the dead don't want to be forgotten and their spirits grow restless?

Enter the man known only as Mister Roberts. With his big, black car, tall bowler hat and elegant walking stick, he is hardly the image of one who might be called upon to confront those phantoms and return them to their slumbers once more.

But looks can be most deceiving indeed. . . .

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