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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. . . .

Mr Rand

Part vigilante, part shadowy phantasm, the Dark Man that is Mr Rand is the being called upon to avenge a wrong when there is no one left to stand for justice.

Along with his companion, the great wolf named Ghost, Mr Rand skulks the back alleys and foreboding lanes where those who lurk just beyond the edges of the civilized world call home.


When a murderous beast conducts a spree of killings in the City, it is the family of one victim who summons the Dark Man to their aid.

No person dares stand before him. No place is off limits to his quest.  No creature is safe from his wrath.

His is the name that wickedness whispers beneath its cloak as it  trembles in hidden lairs.


Mr Rand is coming. . . .

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