Firefly: Old Habits

The Miranda signal has been sent. The biggest, darkest secret of the Alliance is out. Now what?

   For Captain Malcolm Reynolds and the crew of the Firefly transport Serenity, it's back to life as normal. Well, as close to normal as one can get. That means​ taking jobs wherever they might be found, even on the ragged edges of the civilized systems.

   When a rogue colonel from a war long lost suddenly appears in their path, Serenity and her crew are quickly caught up in a whirlwind of old grudges, unsettled scores, misdirection and betrayal. As events begin to spiral out of control, Mal and his people find themselves in familiar territory once more: on the wrong side of the Alliance lawmakers.

   With the colonel's final desperate plan at last revealed, it's up to Mal and Inara, Jayne and Kaylee, and Simon and River to rescue Zoë before all Hell breaks loose, and the 'Verse is plunged into total chaos once more!

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Firefly: Before the Forge

On the distant world of Shadow, in the far reaches of the Georgia System, a young boy is born. He is a child of Fate, one whose own nature will be tried and tested, shaped and moulded by the events that surround him.

    Over time he will form bonds of kinship and loyalty with family and friends alike, bonds that will strengthen and grow as he does. He will come to know of love and of loss, and of the high cost of freedom that every living soul must pay.

    Yet even as the boy grows into a man, a darkness approaches. It brings with it a future full of uncertainty, and the prospect of total destruction of all that he knows. It brings with it the threat of an all-consuming War that will divide the universe in two, or bring it to an end.

    As the faces and friends with whom he has grown up begin to choose sides, the young man named Malcolm Reynolds must make his own decision -- whether to allow his freedoms to be overruled by a government he has never supported, or to fight for all that he holds so very dear and true to his own heart.

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Firefly: Into the Fire

Parliament has been saved. The Alliance is secure once again, due in no small part to the efforts of the seven crew members of the Firefly-class mid-bulk transport named Serenity. But what thanks do they get for risking themselves to avert disaster? A bounty placed upon their heads that is so large that it brings the most dangerous hunters in the whole wide 'Verse out to find them.

   In the aftermath of an abortive siege to capture himself and his crew, Malcolm Reynolds takes flight once more. This time, though, he and his shipmates are running for their lives. They are running to find someplace to hide, someplace that is off the Alliance maps and charts, where they can regroup and recover from their ordeal while they make every effort to find out who is behind this latest scheme to bring them all to justice.

   Finding sanctuary with an old and dear friend, Mal reflects upon his life, and upon the events that have brought him to where he is now. He recalls the family he once knew, and the friends he once had. He remembers, too, the War that claimed them, and that took the innocence from his soul, leaving him the hardened, jaded man he is now.

   But as the noose begins to tighten around them all, it may be those very memories that remind Mal of what is most valuable in this life: not riches nor fortune, but the bonds of family and loyalty that, once made, can never be broken.

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