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Another massive undertaking

21 July 2017

I first started Harriers & Heroes about 6 years ago. Back then I was starting out with to design and edit my site. It seemed like a good idea. Their site builder was easy to use, with interesting templates, and a variety of layouts that appeared to suit my needs.

But times change, and Harriers & Heroes went largely untouched by me for about 2 years.

Now I'm back! I have a whole bookshelf of new ideas I'm eager to put to print and share with anyone who cares to read them at all. My tastes have varied over the years, but my passion for creativity has not.

Over the next few days and weeks and months there will be considerable additions and changes to this site. Hopefully the majority of those changes will be for the better. Only time will tell.

For now, though, feel free to browse around and see what's here. Come back often to check out those new additions as they are posted.

Putting it all together

25 July 2017

I have been working with the kind people at VistaPrint to get this site up and running the way I want it to be. I am hoping that, very soon now, visitors to Harriers & Heroes will be able to click on the graphic of any story they wish to read, and thereby access a short sample of that work. Once the ability to establish that link has been secured, the revamped will really come to life!

Fingers (and toes, and eyeballs, too) crossed! We're getting there. Thank you all for your patience. This is a learning experience for me as well.

Plugging away. . .

3 August 2017

I've been touching up the website for about a week now -- adding bits here and there, changing this and that to make it all run a bit better, and to include everything I want to offer. But there never seems to be enough time to actually get everything done!

For the record, some of the stories in the Library have active links in place that offer samples of those tales. The images for those links are much bigger than the others, which are not yet ready for access. Feel free to browse around at your leisure.

Again, this site is a work-in-progress, and I do want you all to be able to navigate freely throughout my site, but I hope you will remain patient with me while I build this creation I am bringing to life. It is a rather daunting task I've laid out for myself.

So many ideas . . . so little time!

Distractions, Distractions

5 September 2017

Have you ever bought a house? Fun, no? Well, it's supposed to be the most exciting time of your life -- right along with welcoming a new baby to the family, or so I'm told. Unfortunately, the experience for my fiancee and I was anything but! Talk about stressful! Between financial juggling, deadlines coming on at a rapid-fire pace, and what can only be described as ineptitude on behalf of our mortgage broker, we were about an inch away from throwing in the towel completely!

Thankfully, though, we somehow managed to close the deal. Now we're in the middle of painting and prepping our new house before our move-in date, which is only a handful of days away.  And there is still so much packing to do at the old place. Where are we going to find the time to do it all??? If any of you have some free time, feel free to pitch in -- we can use all the help we can find.

Needless to say, I haven't had much time to do any writing. Big news, I'm sure. Perhaps I chose the wrong time to re-start this website. Oh well, this has always been a vanity project, so for now I'll settle for knowing I have a place on the Web that is all mine. Hopefully once the move is over I can start to expand my presence, and make more of a mark on the 'Net.

There are still so many stories waiting to be told.

Moving Day

15 September 2017

Tomorrow is Moving Day. Hooray!! The culmination of nearly 6 months of house shopping, mortgage brokering, packing and planning is just about here -- and not a moment too soon! As excited as we are to start our new life in our new home, the journey was one that I don't ever want to repeat. EVER! The word 'stressful' barely scratches the surface of the ordeal we went through to find and secure the house that truly becomes our own when the movers put the first piece of furniture through the door tomorrow afternoon.

In the mean time, I am still chipping away at several projects. Grave Roberts has become my focal point lately, while I continue to look for a viable introduction for my pet project, The Time Travellers' Guild . Something new and exciting should be emerging on that front in the not-too-distant future. I hope you will be patient and keep checking back to see the Big Damned Reveal when it happens!

But for now, the attention is on moving. So much left to do at the last minute. Better get started. Anyone care to lend a hand???

Finishing Touches

30 September 2017
At long last, the day we never thought we would see arrive has finally come. After something like 3 and a half years of work -- sometime frantic, more often sporadic -- I have finally reached the finale of the graphic novel I have been writing, entitled Mr Rand.  What began as an experiment to try a different writing style became something of a labour -- sometimes of love, sometimes of a curse of sorts. But my artist friend who has been inking the Dark Man who is Mr Rand, and bringing him to life, never failed me. He always kept me moving forward, apparently just as excited as I have been, deep down inside, to see my/our creation come to life.

It might be a while yet before our work sees the light of day. Thomas and his son Kevin have about two dozen or so panels to ink out and letter in before their work is complete. I think at this point we're likely aiming for a Spring 2018 publishing date. I'll keep you posted on details as they become available.

But for now it's on to other projects. Not like I have any shortage of those! Maybe I'll see what's happening in Randolf's little room. Or maybe I'll get the Time Travellers' Guild up and running. We'll see.

For now, though, I'm going to bask in the glory of finishing my first graphic novel, and enjoy that satisfaction for a little while. I'll have a teaser up on the site here shortly for you to all salivate over until Mr Rand is ready for mass consumption.

This is my favourite part about being a writer -- seeing one project come to completion and knowing that I created it. Perhaps the word euphoric works best right here.

Hallowe'en Is Upon Us!!

31 October 2017
For many, Christmas is their favourite time of year. I'm not one to dispute that notion, but if I had to chose a second-favourite season, it would be Hallowe'en, hands down.

Ghosts. Goblins. Witches. Vampires. There's just something about the make-believe of it all that is creepy fun.

And then there are the plethora of other Hallowe'eny fun things to do, like visit haunted houses, host Hallowe'en parties where you and your friends all dress up, decorating the house and the yard, handing out candy. . . . The list goes on.

Well, Hallowe'en is finally upon us. Tonight, in fact. It's been a good many years since I've seen the streets filled with costumed children going door to door yelling "Trick or Treat!". The last few years have been Spartan, to say the least. Hopefully this new house, in this new location, will see something different.

The pumpkins are out. Ghost faces are flying from the eaves. Witch legs are sticking out of the mailbox. We've got candy and loot bags for everyone, so if you're in the neighbourhood, be sure to stop by for a spell and say hello.

Don't let the eerie music scare you away!

Life Is What Happens. . . .

31 October 2017
Sorry, I've been away for a bit. Work. Life. You know how it is. There's always something happening to keep me away from the things I love to do!

A line from the movie Mr Holland's Opus comes to mind here: "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans." And boy, have I been busy making plans!

Right now, I'm busy working on several projects at once. Having put the finishing touches on Mr Rand back in October, I've suddenly found myself with new impetus to get cracking on a new workload -- or in this case, two or three (or four, or five!) projects.

Lately I've found myself grounded in the Simcoe County area and all the great stories there are to tell here. And there are an awful lot of them, far more than I had ever imagined. The area between Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe is just filled with history, and with characters and stories that are more fantastical than any fictional writer could ever create.

So bear with me while I delve into those incredible stories. You'll soon see some additions to the Right In Our Own Backyard section, and hopefully some new stories to fill in the Library as well.

Winter's a-comin'. What better way to spend the chilly season than in front of a keyboard hammering out a new tale, or curled up on your favourite sofa with a cup of hot cocoa while you read those stories I intend to tell?

Where Does The Time Go?.

19 December 2017
Another year almost over,  and I have accomplished virtually nothing . . . at least in the writing world. Oh, I've been busy away from the keyboard, what with a new fiancee, a new house, and all the regular hustle and bustle we all endure on a daily basis. Unfortunately, though, that has translated into a decided lack of output on the writing end of things -- a situation I fully intend to correct in the New Year.

So while we're all waiting for something new to appear here on Harriers & Heroes, I will take a moment to toot my own horn and announce that I did put the finishing touches on Mr Rand, the graphic novel I have been writing with the help of Thomas and Kevin Muzzell, my fantastic artist and lettering team! So far it looks like a mid-April, or possibly early-May end date for inking out the rest of the story, with digital publication to follow. I am very excited to bring the Dark Man to life, and to see what you all think of our creation!

But for now, this short and sweet message is intended to reassure you all that there will be some new developments coming to this site in the very near future. Like yourselves, I am extremely frustrated with the lack of development throughout 2017. Hopefully 2018 will be a spectacle of inspiration, and provide a bounty of entertaining stories for us all to share.

Keep watching. I'm working on it!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all!